Welcome to the Pint Sized Mental Health Nurse!

Wow, what a rollercoaster of a year its been! I've been meaning to come back to this blog and I apologise for neglecting it for so long. Coming towards the end of my degree I just needed to get my head down and give it my 100% focus to get myself over the finish line!... Continue Reading →

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For those becoming a Student Nurse…

So, some time has past since I have settled into my RMN role and I’m nearing the end of my preceptorship and considering the time of year I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to offer some tips and advice to those who are staring their new journey as a student nurse. Make sure... Continue Reading →

Imposter Syndrome as a Newly Registered Nurse

Imposter syndrome is a term that I came across the first time during my nurse training, prior to this I hadn't heard of it before. Imposter Syndrome is something that many people can experience at multiple times within their careers. Imposter syndrome is described as "the persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved... Continue Reading →

Things new student nurses need to know

I am currently on my management placement, and currently there are around 5 student nurses. All from different parts of their nursing journey. Being the only third year, and being so close to becoming registered I have been getting lots of questions from them. So I thought I would put into words what my advice... Continue Reading →

Resilience & Self-Care

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term Resilience as"​the ability of people or things to recover quickly after something unpleasant, such as shock, injury, etc." and "the ability of a substance to return to its original shape after it has been bent, stretched or pressed".These definitions got me thinking. Resilience is a way for us... Continue Reading →

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