So, welcome to my first ever blog! I often get asked questions about my experience as a student nurse and how i got into uni etc. so I thought that writing a little blog would help!
So let me introduce myself, my name is Molly and I am 24 years old (soon to be 25!). I come from a small welsh valley town called Caerphilly. I have always wanted to become a nurse and have spent a number of years gaining experience and knowledge to build up my CV and training for my dream career.

Lets start at the beginning, I did my GCSE’s and got average grades, enough to get me a job. I got my first job working as a shop assistant in a general store. Whilst working there I decided to do my A-Levels, but unfortunately I only completed the first year, as I became demotivated by the grades that I got. My mother tried to get me to do the Access to Higher Education in Healthcare course in college (previously known as the ‘Access to Nursing’ course), but I told myself that I was not smart enough and that I would just fail again.
I decided to go to college and became a qualified beauty therapist and had my own mobile business, as well as working for a top nail brand for a around a year and a half. I loved working there, I thought i had found my dream job! I would often meet clients who were nurses and I would always say ‘oh i wish i had my time again to do that’ baring In mind i was only 19-20 years old! Whenever I spoke to the nurses they always told me ‘if you want to do it, you will’. I remember after one shift I came home and sat my mother down and said to her that I wanted to pursue a career in nursing, later we looked up some college courses on the computer and I quickly applied to start the Access to Healthcare course!
Before starting the course, I decided to get my first job in care. I thought that if I couldn’t give someone a bed bath and change a pad then I wouldn’t make a good nurse! I jumped straight in and worked as a community carer for the next two and a half years.
Whilst i was on my college course, I decided that I would have a look at the different fields of nursing, I went to a couple of university open days and spoke to many different students there. I was half and half on whether I wanted to do mental health nursing, but I was unfortunately tainted by the media and thought that mental health was ‘scary’. I had spoken to a third year mental health student who told me how amazing and rewarding it was. That was it. I decided to then go forward and become a mental health nurse.
Once I completed college, I received some bad news. I had not been accepted into any universities I had applied to. I had applied for three, Swansea, University of South Wales, and Cardiff. I decided to then undergo a foundation degree in Community Health and Wellbeing at The University of South Wales, as I was told this would improve my chances of being accepted. Again I applied to USW for nursing, but again got rejected. by this point my dream seemed a lot further than expected.

One day I was at the hairdressers and I was sat in the chair for hours (people that have full head of highlights will understand) and I was just scrolling through UCAS and looking through options of universities in England. By this point my relationship at the time was on the rocks and I knew that moving away would be a fresh start for me. I came across De Montfort University in Leicester. I decided to give their clearing service a call, expecting to be turned away or there be no more space for me. I was overjoyed to be told that they had spaces for Mental Health Nursing in March of 2018 and that with my experience and grades I WAS ACCEPTED! I remember crying with happiness on the phone, I dread to think what the poor woman on the other end of the phone was thinking! After telling my parents, me and my mum quickly booked ourselves onto a DMU open day, considering I had never been to Leicester before and this city was going to be my new home, I thought it was best that I had a look around before moving!

I left Caerphilly to move to Leicester at the end of February of this year and It has been literally a dream come true! I am now six months into my first year and I shall talk about my experiences of lectures, placement, assignments and uni life on the next post!

Molly x x