The first couple of weeks of the course all felt like a dream. From getting my first batch of immunisations (hello painful arm!) to getting measured for my student nurse uniform! I was so excited to receive my uniform; as soon as I put it on I felt excited and proud of myself.
Before we were able to go out on placement we had to complete some sessions known as ‘Clinical Skills’. These would include manual handling, basic life support (BLS), infection prevention and many other skills which would be required to be carried out on placement!

Before starting placement, we had two assignments and a maths exam which needed to be passed. I had not long come from studying a foundation degree, so I thought I had all the academic writing stuff figured out. But when I had started writing I realised that I was not as confident as I thought! I decided to access the support which the university library had available. I went along to some writing sessions and some maths sessions. I was never any good at maths in school, but I had many years of experience administering medication under my belt. I was fine with past papers, but I realised that my nerves came from the fact that it was called a maths exam! I am so happy that I accessed the additional support, because I had 100% in my maths exams and passed both of my academic writing essays!

My advice is that no matter what your confidence level is, access the additional support that your university can offer you. There is no shame in asking for some help! I am so glad that I did. What I like about DMU is that they often record all their lectures too, so if you can’t quite write notes quickly enough or you happened to miss that lecture that day you can access it later and re-watch it!