So my first placement was something I was not expecting. When I got told where I would be going the only information I got given was the title ‘Arts in Health’ and a telephone number.
I tried to research as much as I could before I phoned this number so that I did not embarrass myself but I still could not quite wrap my head around what this was.
Fast forward to the end of my placement and I can talk about how arts have an amazingly positive impact on mental health service users to anyone!

I cannot explain how nervous I was to be doing my first placement. Was I going to like it? Were they going to like me? What if I did something wrong? What if I said the wrong thing? All these things were going through my head. My mentor was amazing, along with everyone else that I worked with. I felt more confident with myself at the end of my placement than I did at the beginning.

I got to experience a lot of different things from going to city conferences, open mic nights, art exhibitions, poetry events, homeless services, and festivals!


I’ve always thought that placement is what you make of it. If you don’t actively engage with your placement then you are not going to gain the full benefits. Ask as many questions as you can, you are a student! They expect you to! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This is the time that you are learning, and everyone learns from their mistakes.

Reflecting on my experience on my first placement, I never thought I would be writing poetry, gardening, or even just free writing (like this blog!) so even in just a short space of time it has left an impact on me.

My next placement starts in a couple of weeks and it is more hospital based. It is something that fits in to what people think a student nurse placement is, so I cannot wait to develop my skills and confidence even more and see where it leads me!