One thing that I have learnt since being a student nurse is making sure I make the most of my free time! As a student that started in March we get seven weeks off per year. Two weeks for Easter, three weeks for summer and then another two for Christmas!

I went home for my three weeks off and really enjoyed catching up with my family and friends. I was also able to pick up some bank shifts at a care home that I work at, so it was nice to catch up with the service users that I used to support. But I noticed something strange about being back in Caerphilly this time around. It felt different. It felt like I was just on a little break away from home. In the three weeks that I had returned to Caerphilly I had realised that Leicester was my new home.

It’s a weird feeling but it makes sense. I have made roots for myself in Leicester. A new routine, new surroundings, a new job. I caught myself saying to people ‘I can’t wait to go home’ whilst I was visiting Caerphilly. I came back to Leicester three days earlier than planned because I missed the sights and sounds of the city life. Even little things like having my gym membership in Leicester, I missed in Caerphilly because I realised I would have to pay each time I went.

The only reason I visit home now is to see my family and friends (and to maybe do the odd bank shift when times are slow!) and I do miss them a considerable amount but being back in Caerphilly for three weeks made me realise how HAPPY I am in Leicester. I just love it here. I have made some amazing friends here, that I know that we will even be friends after university has finished. We are all in this long journey together!




I always know that I have a home where my parents are, but I’ve discovered that right now Leicester is my home.