So as I am a March starter, this seems to cause havoc for everything that is academic year lead. For instance, I had to book my new accommodation three weeks I had moved to Leicester! Due to not knowing the area I decided to stay in the university halls again. For me this was the least stressful option as I did not have to worry about bills etc.
The accommodation that I previously lived in was nice. It was privately run so it had a double bed and I had my own en-suite bathroom. Luxury! My new place was going it be halls ran by the university. This meant a single bed and shared bathrooms!

I have now moved into my university ran accommodation and I have to say it’s not that bad! The toilets and showers are all separate, so four people can use the facilities at the same time. Plus, they get cleaned twice weekly by cleaning staff! We have a massive kitchen with three ovens and stoves, two sinks and lots of workspace!

There is lots of storage in the rooms, a large desk to do my work and a vanity area with a sink, storage and a mirror! As a woman that has a large makeup collection, I can store everything comfortably and I even have more for any added extras!

The best part about moving is doing the all mighty Ikea trip and getting new bits and bobs for your room! I am in this new place until next July, so I wanted some things to personalise it. My favourite things right now are plants! Now, I am not the green finger type. This is why I love getting FAKE plants! My mother first got me a fake plant and I put it on my windowsill and it was amazing how easy it was to make the room look homelier! I now have a small collection of fake plants, but I have now decided to take the big step into real life plants. The first one I got was a cactus as I thought I would be okay with that as they don’t need much watering (although I have managed to kill one off in the past) and now my collection has grown to an aloe vera plant and a small heather plant! I would 100% recommend getting some small fake (or real if you are braver than me!) for your room. They brighten up the space and if you do go for real plants, they help to filter the air which then essentially makes it better for studying! I also always have a vase of some flowers that I buy from the supermarket just to add extra colour!


There are other small little things you can do to personalise your room. Bedding and towels are a good example. Due to me having a sink in my room I also have a towel rail. I’ve tried to keep the theme for my room pink and grey. So I have pink bedding with a grey cushion and throw, and I have a pink and grey towel on my rail! I also recommend getting some pictures of family, friends, pets, etc to stick up. My room comes with a place that I can pin them up, but I would double check with where you are staying! DO NOT USE BLUE TAC TO PUT UP PHOTOS! It will ruin the paint on the walls and you could get charged for this. I recommend using washi tape. It is basically just masking tape but with pattern on it, so you can make your own frames! You can get washi tape online for cheap too.


Before moving to uni, make separate lists for each room. This will be far easier than trying to remember everything. Also, if you forget anything, don’t worry! You can always get it whilst you are here. I would also suggest joining your university group on Facebook, along with your halls! Here you can find other people on your course and people you may be living with. Here you can work out who is bringing what. Imagine having ten people moving in and all bringing toasters but no kettle for a cuppa! Nightmare!

Remember, you are all in the same boat. So, don’t panic too much and have fun!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!