Exam Stress!

So last week I had my foundations of nursing practice exam. This was a two-hour written exam The only catch is that we got given the questions 2 weeks beforehand so we could revise. The questions range from anatomy & physiology, sociology and psychology.

Although I had the questions I still became quite stressed! I find that the way that I can retain information is by writing it down and just read it over and over. Another good way is talking about the information with someone. For example, I used to tell my parents about information that I had learnt to help me remember!

The thing with exam stress it is like a vicious circle. You get stressed because you have an exam, but then the stress affects your ability to retain information, which leads to more stress!

Me and my housemate decided we would revise together. We would book out rooms in the library, so we could still chat and listen to music without disturbing anyone else. This meant it was a much more relaxed environment which we were able to revise in.  The university has a fantastic library and its so easy to book these rooms online! I recommend revising OUT of your bedroom. At one point in the year I found myself doing a lot of assignment work and reflections in my room. This then had a negative impact on my sleep pattern and being able to relax. This was because subconsciously I had then associated my room with work, and not a place to relax. You don’t have to go to the library, if you live away from campus or if you don’t like it being TOO quiet. Me and my flatmate would revise in the kitchen. So we could stop for snacks, drinks etc and this then made it easier to relax in our bedrooms!


Another tip of mine, plan for something after the exam! I had no lectures on the day of my exam, this meant that I was finished by 11am! Some friends and myself decided to find somewhere to have brunch. This was planned the day before the exam, so although we were all stressed, we had something to look forward to afterwards!

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