Freshers Week

So freshers is here! As a March starter we never got to do the whole freshers celebrations so it’s nice to be able to get involved this time! Over this weekend, some new student nurses have moved in to the same flat as me. It’s so nice to see some more people excited to start the training! Although it is scary as its reminded me that I am now half way through my first year, which has gone so fast.

The university has put on a number of freshers events this week. One is the freshers fair that is happening tomorrow! I’m excited to see all sorts of freebies which are available! It also gives me chance to explore the societies which are around. Although nursing is a very intense course, it’s nice to have some interests outside of the course and joining a society can help you do this.

I also received information for my next placement, which will be on an acute mental health ward! This will be the first time I would have worked on a hospital ward so I will admit I am feel nervous. I am used to twelve hour shifts and night shifts so that side of things doesn’t really bother me. I just hope that I can quickly learn where everything is and get the most out of my experience!

If you are a new nursing student reading this, don’t panic. Enjoy the calmness of your induction as it gets intense within the first week! But if you want this, you can do it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Every nurse you come across will have been in your position at some point in their life!

Enjoy freshers week but please be careful!

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