New Beginnings

Personally, I feel like this last month has been a bit of a new beginning for me. I moved into new accommodation, made some new friends, met new people, started a new placement in an environment that I have not worked before, and even placed in a new bar at work!

All this newness can be quite unsettling and there is nothing wrong with feeling this way. When I moved into my new accommodation I was very sceptical of the type of people that would be my future flatmates. I was worried that I would not get along with them, or that because I am classed as a ‘mature’ student that my priorities would be different. In fact, these new girls have all become my friends. It’s nice to be able to give them advice about the course as they are all new student nurses too, as well as life advice!

I started my new placement at the beginning of the month. It’s at an acute psychiatric ward, which is an environment that is very new to me as my healthcare experience has been community based. On my first week or so I did find it all a bit overwhelming as it was a new routine and I was terrified of making a mistake. But now that I have been there for a while I am starting to get used to what the paperwork looks like, getting stuck in with observing medication and ward rounds and learning all about the hospital side of mental health services. I have also met some nurses who recently qualified from the university! It’s been so great to ask them about their transition from student to qualified and finding out what I can expect from second and third year!

New beginnings can be extremely scary. We like routine and like to be secure in what we do. Change means risking the security that we use as our safety net. But the rewards that can come from change and the achievements that you can accomplish make it all worth while!


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