Happy International Women’s day! I am lucky to have such influential women in my life to call role models. My number one role model and influence goes without a doubt to my mother. She believed in me when no one else did. She told me that I can pursue my career when I thought I had no other options.  Some other women include people who I have known for years and have become close friends, to people I have worked with in a professional environment, women who have taught me how to become a better nurse. All these women have taught me to break boundaries and to be the best I can be. I have been told to not to let anything stand in my way, and if I want something, that I may (unfortunately) have to work twice as hard for it because I am a woman.  But I am a woman with passion, ambition and a whole lot of fire in her stomach.

I had the absolute pleasure and surprise to be nominated to be featured on a poster celebrating outstanding women role models from the School of Nursing and Midwifery at De Montfort University. I have never thought of myself as a role model at all. It hasn’t even crossed my mind. But it made me realise that I am doing something right. I don’t quite know what, so I guess the next adventure will be to find that out!


Some of the brilliant women that I have come across on twitter since starting my degree include (but don’t narrow down to) these wonderful ladies. Happy International women’s day!

Katie – @KatieDutton17          Lyn- @Lynwilliams10                 Bev – @BevMatthews_
Jo – @JoSharpeDMU                Aimie – @Aimielmorgan              Emily – @EmilyGoss23
Sarah-Leigh – @sl_barnett     Charlotte – @CharlotteNHSRN    Abby – @MHnurseabby

If I had advice to give my younger self. Don’t let that fire in your stomach go out. YOU CAN DO THIS. Just because it seems like there is no other option, does not mean that you have exhausted all options. Believe in yourself! Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough, because you are. Lastly, LISTEN TO MUM BECAUSE SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

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