So this month The Pint Sized Student Nurse turns 1! I cannot I have been blogging for a whole year, and what a year it has been! I never would have thought a year ago I would have had the opportunities that I have been given! It is all thanks to those who have believed in me (and a little self belief). 

I have learnt so much in this past year, not only through my nursing degree but also about myself. I have travelled to new places, sometimes alone! I have been able to develop my public speaking skills, my knowledge and self development have increased too. I feel like I have grown as a person and therefore I have this new found confidence. Don’t get me wrong there are still days I still doubt myself and don’t feel that I am at the level where I want to be. 
In this past year, I have loved watching my friends accomplish their goals and dreams, I have been able to meet so many of my inspirational heroes (thanks to the RCN Congress 2019) and have been able to feel confident in getting involved in tweet chats that are hosted by the wonderful Student Nurse Project! 
From this blog I got nominated as being an inspirational women’s role model for International Women’s Day 2019, which I still get shivers when I think about it! I have had articles and blog posts published, I have made some wonderful  connections and friends, and being a part of DMUs advert for clearing which can be viewed here!
It’s crazy to think that my blog has been viewed by people from all over the world. Believe it or not but I have had people from 49 different countries view it, that is AMAZING! I have had nearly 7,000 views on my blog in total which I can’t get over. 
I want to thank those who have supported me from the start and those who take time to read my posts, it never goes unnoticed!
So what an exciting first year! Here’s to many more!