So last year I attended the RCNI Nursing Careers & Jobs Fair in Leicester for the first time, and yesterday I had the chance to attend it again!

I am coming towards the end of my second year of training to become a mental health nurse (scary), and last year I just went to have a look around at different opportunities but knew being a first year at the time, it would be too early to start thinking seriously about jobs.

This year, I went with a different mindset. I know there are some people that believe I am still too early in my training to think about jobs, but for me I would rather know where I want to work incase I need to think about relocation, something which will be too stressful to do for the last 6 months of my course!

Going to the fair as a student gave me brilliant opportunists to speak with different trusts, and different sectors of nursing and it reiterated to me how varied nursing can be. There were charities, NHS trusts, private sector, cruise ships, armed forces and agencies as just some of the amazing stands that were there!

I also attended the interview preparation and advice seminar, the preceptorship workshop hosted by Elysium and attended the Sepsis talk from the wonderful Katie Dutton!

Going with a different mindset this year definitely gave me some food for thought. I was more confident in approaching different stands and asking questions, and finding out what they could offer me.

My advice would be:

Even if you are a student that has just started their training, attending a jobs fair is a brilliant opportunity. It’s never too early to feel inspired by those who are passionate about their career!

I already can’t wait to attend the fair this time next year for the third time and (hopefully) find myself the perfect job opportunity!