So I have been part of the RCN pretty much as soon as I started university. I quickly became a Student Information Officer (SIO) and had so many opportunities available to me to make a difference within nursing.

In November 2018 I got given the chance to travel to London and visit parliament as part of the Fund Our Future campaign (which you can read about here)

I have also attended RCN Congress in Liverpool, which was such an inspiring and fantastic experience to be able to connect with other passionate students!

From 2020 I will be the RCN Students East Midlands Committee representative, which I’m so proud to be a part of!

I’ve been given all the de opportunities by becoming an SIO, which is now being changed to RCN Student Ambassador!

As a Student Ambassador, you can be as involved as you wish! You are there to help signpost other students, connect with other students from around the country, and you can be involved in the RCN Students campaigns!

My confidence has definitely grown since being part of the RCN, and I would recommend it for any student who has started their nursing career!

For more information about my experience as a SIO please click the link below:

RCN Student Information Officers & Active Members