If there’s one thing I’ve definitely gained since starting my degree (apart from debt) is my growth in confidence! Not only academically, but personally.

I can’t quite put my finger on why this has happened but it’s something that I’ve noticed. When I started first year, I felt like a tiny fish in a big pond. I had moved to a new city (and technically new country), started a new degree, had new routines, and I didn’t quite know where being me fit into it all.

Fast forward two years, I’m now talking at conferences, putting myself forward for extra curricular events, and most importantly I’m giving myself chance to grow. We don’t always get things perfect first time. Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we get tired, and sometimes we question our decisions but I think what is most important is being able to hold up our hands and say “I need a bit of help”.

My mother always tells me that moving to Leicester to complete this degree has been “the making of” me, and at first I didn’t quite know what she meant by that, but now I think I do. I feel like I have blossomed into this strong and independent woman, who isn’t afraid to venture out and to try new things.

I believe since being a student nurse I have learnt how to really reflect on my experiences and to grow from them. Being a student nurse is tough, and I think a major part in improving my confidence is down to having the skill to build up resilience in the process.

Another major part that has helped my confidence is being a part of the nursing community. Whether this is through social media channels such as witter, to face to face contact through various events. Being surrounded by so many inspirational and supportive people who can drive you when you are feeling like you are falling behind are beyond words. Being able to ask for advice on social media and being able to contact people who I wouldn’t usually be able to contact is just utterly amazing.

Don’t get me wrong I still get the occasional wobble and sometimes I get major imposter syndrome. But I’m learning to accept that fact that I wouldn’t be where I am if I wasn’t any good!